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리더스 에세이에서 새로운 소식을 알려 드립니다.
제목 Native Editor_프리미어 컨설팅 2013-12-10
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Native Editor_프리미어 컨설팅은 SOP, Essay 작성을 어떻게 시작할 지 모르는 지원자를 위한 1:1 맞춤 서비스로
Native Editor와의 On-Off line 미팅을 통한 Brainstorming, Outline, Editing 이 제공됩니다.

최대 4 pages까지 작성이 가능하며, 작업기간은 4~6주, 1개 학교 지원 SOP를 기본으로 작성됩니다. 
1 Brainstorming Off-line Session과 maximum of 5 e-mail follow-ups that can be supported by online or telephone conferences로 구성되어 있습니다. Brainstorming Session에서 다른 지원학교에 대한 advice는 제공할 수 있으나, SOP 학교별 편집을 요청할 경우, 추가 비용을 발생합니다.

Brainstorming Sessions

We do not “recycle” resumes, personal statements, or interview scripts. We help each client design and develop highly unique and persuasive presentations. Our Brainstorming Session may be the most important step in understanding each one of our client’s needs and goals and to deliver the best possible service to each of one of our clients.

Therefore, we do not have an automated online questionnaire system or conduct a 15-minute conference to get to know your entire past academic and work performances and future academic and career plans. We have personal, profound Brainstorming Sessions to really get to know you so that we can start helping you to set and achieve your most ambitious graduate school goals.

Personal Statement Service

Graduate and professional schools often require some sort of written statement to help the admissions board differentiate between students. This is called a “Statement of Purpose”, “Personal Statement”, or “Letter of Intent”. This is a critical part of your overall application. It gives you the opportunity to speak your mind and express your views in a way that you simply cannot in the application boxes. However, some types of statements or letters require specific information and may not allow you to freely address a wide range of topics. The first step in writing your best statement is to find out what your school or program is looking for.

The Writing Process

Once you have fully comprehended the school’s requirements, you are ready to begin the process.
It usually goes like this:

1. Brainstorm your honest and practical purpose in writing the statement.
2. Plan your approach and style of the statement so that you demonstrate how truly unique and genuine you are.
3. Determine which words and phrases to avoid.
4. Carefully select which ideas are appropriate or maybe even required in your statement.
5. Draft the final statement that will present you as a high-quality applicant

학교별 추가 내용은 마지막 페이지에 보통 한 단락씩 why that program or school의 내용을 지원 학교를 구분해 각각 정리합니다. 학교별 내용에 대해 교정이 필요하면 영문교정이나 번역교정을 추가로 선택하시면 됩니다. 추후 의뢰인이 직접 학교별로 특정 단락 교체 혹은 추가 후 글자 수 조정을 가이드라인에 맞추어 편집하고 온라인 지원 시에 SOP Section에 업로드 하시면 됩니다.


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